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Ice Cream

Since we are already working with chocolate and fruit, it made sense for us to include Réel artisanal gelato in our offering.


Our experience in making chocolate has helped us utilize that knowledge in making authentic Italian gelato with the help of experts from Bologna.

Just like in chocolate making, our gelato embodies uniqueness, respect, love, and modesty.


We are waiting for you at our booths.

Characteristics of Réel ice cream

We use only high-quality ingredients and our recipe.

You will notice a unique texture, quality, taste, and appearance, which will allow you to fully enjoy.

We have paid great attention to ensuring that the ice cream melts only on the outer side, gradually moving towards the interior, providing enough time for ice cream lovers to selectively enjoy different flavors.

Flavors of Réel ice cream

We change our assortment depending on the availability of quality ingredients in order to achieve a true gastronomic experience.

From the well-known milk chocolate Réel, to vanilla, hazelnut, and refreshing fruit flavors, we sometimes make ice cream with poppy seeds or the flavor of žerbo.

Your big favorite, and our award-winning salted caramel, is also always available and waiting for you to try it.

Our loyal customers always inspire us to create new specialties, so feel free to send us your ideas on our Instagram profile.

Good to know

Our ice creams do not contain gluten and artificial colors.

People who are lactose intolerant don't have to worry, half of our selection is always dairy-free.

There are always at least 3 sugar-free flavors available.

Some of the ingredients in Réel ice cream that are good for your health are refreshing: wild raspberries Indian mango Sicilian pistachios