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Chocolate Museum

Sweeten your stay in Senta

Besides the sales area, there is also a museum part of the craft chocolate shop. It is located on the Main Square, right next to the City Hall in Senta.
he Chocolate Museum is of an educational and informative nature, revealing the process of chocolate production throughout history.

You will have the opportunity to see:

  • The stages through which this industry has gone
  • Tools and packaging for chocolate production from the 1900s
  • Chocolate model of a famous building

Tourists will definitely have the opportunity to "sweeten" their stay at the museum.

The attraction that promotes the city itself, as well as this artisanal, family production, is the chocolate model of the City Hall. Plans for the construction of the chocolate building, which defines the city of Senta, took over a year to complete. After the preparation was finished, a solid chocolate sculpture was made using over 80 kilograms of chocolate. The model is a scaled-down replica of the original City Hall building in Senta, which is over a meter wide and 60 centimeters high.

As an international champion of quality, Réel chocolate manufacturer in Senta lovingly awaits all those with a sweet tooth to feed their minds and souls and sweeten their lives.

In order to provide you with an unforgettable experience, prior notification is required for group visits.